Sunday, July 26, 2009


Ever since my two feet hit the ground over 50 years ago I’ve been running, or at least pedaling. Now it’s more the gas pedal, than the bike pedal. And who has time for walking besides Greenwalks? I don’t know what I’m running from (emptiness?), or toward (the finish line?); but I am certainly apace.
What seems like yesterday was a week ago. Last Sunday I actually sat in one of these chairs when Michael and I hosted the posters of SAGBUTT (Seattle Area Garden Bloggers United To Talk). We gathered out of cyberspace and met in the shade of our ‘Fuji’ cherry. Real space, real time, no matter how short, is invaluable.
Now here I am coming in last.
I never took a moment from my busy week to thank them all for the gifts: a bouquet of lavender, astrantias, generous swags from a ‘Maid of Kent’ rose for striking, coffee bags for mulching, and hand scrub, which has been doing a great clean up job on my gnarly farmers feet -- I’m often a barefoot weeder.
I never took a moment to mention the delicious food left behind which we continued to eat into the week: vibrant green fava bean hummus, “eyeball cakes”, and the lingering tart memory of David’s rhubarb juice-- I’m craving more.

I never took time to send off the recipe for the black currant cake to Jean.
I never took a moment to post. Yet the truly Intercontinental Gardener, Liisa was able to express Michael’s and my space better than I ever managed after only one visit. And Paula’s delight at seeing eggplant growing for the first time echoed our own delight at finally getting it to grow. Thank God for a hot summer for a change.
And thank you all for coming and helping me see our garden with new, and less critical eyes.
Sorry for this fast and furious posting but I have to run off to do some weeding.