Saturday, July 18, 2009


Each year I retreat from what seems to be seamless days of gardening. From clients to the farm and back to the clients, I never seem to be anywhere where I am not gardening. Even here in cyberspace I am constantly writing about gardening. My favorite place to get away from it all, is not a beach, nor a movie theater (though I do love a matinee on a hot day), nor a book ( I mostly read about gardening anyway). I escape to the mountains, where I become a botanist. I don't weed, or deadhead, or water. I just study the plants and how they grow. I know this might not sound like a get-away from gardening, but I can't help myself I love plants. Here are some of my favorites from Tucquala Meadows, my favorite place to go to get away from it all. I was there last week one of the peak times to see wildflowers there.

Our native Turk's cap lily, or Columbia lily (Lilium columbianum) being pollenated by flies.

The elegant Greene's bog-orchid ( Habenaria greenei).

The very showy scarlet gilia, (Ipomopsis aggregata).

The developing infloresences of sharptooth angelica (Angelica arguta).

One of the over 100 species of lupine (Lupinus sp) growing wild in our area. I haven't figured out which one this is yet.