Monday, June 1, 2009


Michael loves this orange binder twine. He calls it “ A farmer’s best friend.” It drives me crazy. Too stiff to tie gracefully, too persistent to let rot into the garden like jute. We always find it tangled in the mower blades and the roto-tiller tines. Though I’m an orange lover I also find the color unnervingly “plastic” in the garden. It’s very cheap, so it’s cost effective. But how long will that last? Probably not as long as the little bits do in the vegetable patch.

Who needs vaseline on the lens when plastic makes the world dreamily blurry?

Tarp blue is one of my least favorite colors, but I wouldn't be with out my blue tarp great for covering and dragging debris.

This life-like goose is actually plastic . It floated into our yard during the flood and is now our mascot.

My water bottle is no longer plastic.