Monday, December 22, 2008


I wonder what will survive this unreasonably wintery weather. We’ve had it down to 8 degrees at the farm, howling wind and pelleting snow. And just when you think it’s run out another front paces through. I know there are much worse conditions in other parts of the country, but you must understand the tenderness of the North-westerners and our gardens. We blindly continue to plant things that have little hope of surviving, even though “zonal denial” seems to be a fashion in passing.
I was daring this year. Or should I say stupid?
I left a few plants, treasures, outside. It was deliberate. Deliberately a test of hardiness, not deliberately a murder. I’m already regretting my decision, but I also know it was a sane decision. There’s no room in this house to keep so many plants , so my inadvertent sacrifices are lessons learned. Stop buying plants that aren’t hardy here.
I wonder if I’ll remember that lesson in May when the nurseries are full again with treasures, maybe not quite appropriate for this climate. I wonder if I’ll leave them on the porch again. And I wonder if we’ll have a doozie of a winter again next year.
It’s only December 22 and we’re already experiencing more winter than we’re used to.
I wonder if were backpedaling from global warming to global chilling.
I wonder how long this will last , or how often it will come and go over the next months.

I wonder about wonder, too.
I’m still simple minded. Still wonder at the beautiful frothy white frosted world.
Still find it magic.
And in these moments I can easily forget my losses, and my loss of work. As I regain a sense of wonder.

What a perfect way to end the year.
No more dreaming, white Christmas is here.