Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Summer is finally heating up. Again. This time it seems like it will stay. Certainly the colors in the mixed borders are getting hot. The dahlias at the farm are starting to grow faster, we even have tiny green tomatoes, and the early mustards are bolting into wonderful yellow clouds. The shift that is known as July 5th in the Northwest has actually happened as planned. Moving into summer slows me down. Lounge chairs and reading preferable over weeding. But it is mid-week and there is much to be done on the farm and in the garden. Getting up early is the key these days, and staying up late. Summertime is generous in this way, long days, and color.

'Moonfire' dahlias and 'Naomi' lilies are ignited by the heat.

A canary yellow turks cap lily ( sorry cultivar unknown) and the platinum blue melianthus.

A hardy amaryllis? That's what the catalogue said. This one is 'Valentino'.

A break from the sun, and the colorful flowers, I weeded in the woods, where a sleepy looking trillium ( the native Trillium ovatum ) quietly makes seed.

Sometimes in summertime it is easy to forget green is a color, too.