Tuesday, July 8, 2008


We were “The Weeds” in 10th grade chemistry class. Maybe we talked too much or didn’t get enough chemistry done. I don’t remember. But we were “The Weeds”. Moved to the back row.
Today I was weeding a back row at the farm to plant pole beans. I was trying to be benevolent in my understanding of one certain weed: reed canary grass. It seeds in everywhere, which I imagine is great for the wetland habitats it inhabits. It would not allow one pieces of earth to lie empty, actually most weeds are colonizers keeping the soil covered, to save the soil. We’re “The Weeds” constantly trying to keep the soil open whether for cultivation or just plain hubris. I guess I am a weed because I don’t find bare soil very attractive. If I don’t plant something, I at least have to mulch. So today I did pull weeds to bare some soil to plant pole beans. I know it may seem a bit late for pole beans, but I’m trying some varieties that are good for harvesting in the cooler later part of summer: purple cardinal and ruby crest.
Maybe procrastination will pay off.