Thursday, November 13, 2008


Where have all the flowers gone?

Where has the garden gone?

The Snoqualmie River, at record flood levels, has once again turned our garden into an 8 foot deep lake, with a current. Needless to say we are housebound, except for little tours with the Kayak or chest waders. We actually did a bit of "gardening" by yanking debris from the orchard and setting it afloat. The real work starts this weekend when the now obscuring waters, recede and reveal the damage.

The cherry tree under which we've had many summer picnics.

The house stayed high and dry, though the basement is another story, we're waiting for it to drain to check the damages.

The fig tree trapped pumpkins like a spider catches flies.

Blue skies returned at mid-day a hopeful sign that the waters will recede.

The end of the day was beautiful, still the river kept pumping it's overflow down our road and across our yard.