Monday, September 28, 2009


According to color theorists blue is the least appetizing color. That’s not hard to swallow considering there are so few blue foods. When I think of food I think of so many other colors.
Red comes to mind first: a bloody rare steak, bitter radicchio, hot radishes.
Green certainly follows: the humbleness of peas; the reliable leaves: lettuce, chard, kale arugula, et al; unripe fruits, cucumbers, beans, okra and peppers.
White is unavoidable: potatoes, bread, sugar.
As is brown: potatoes, bread, sugar.
But blue foods are few, except for the fashionably anti-oxidant rich blueberry.
Blue seems mostly found in fruits:

“Purple” tomatillos have a ghostly blueness to their beauty.

The waxing bloom on grapes makes them also blue.

Or wild berries like our native service berry (Amelanchier alnifolia)

But what about blue leaves?

Kale and cabbage have a tendency towards blueness, I say a tendency because the blueness is simmered down to a silence within the green. Hardly seen at all.

And broccoli foliage is a dewy dawn blue.

The blue leaves of the ornamental blueberry ‘Sunshine Blue’. Cultivated for berry production it’s beautiful ever-”blue” foliage and continual berry production make it a poor candidate for commercial berry fields. But these assets make it a perfect plant for the home gardener, who is looking for an evergreen shrub and a place to stop and nibble while weeding.

The blue flower of radicchio.

And the red leaves of a blueberry.

If you're still hungry for the blues visit Tobago where each year they host a Blue Food Festival, featuring the grayish blue roots of taro.