Thursday, October 1, 2009


One of my clients said this week, " I'll take 10 months of September, one of August, and one of December, just for Christmas." I couldn't agree with him more. Here in the Pacific Northwest September is the best month, yet I can't put aside my love of the "ah" months.
I love August (forgive my pronunciation) which finally offers some respite from the frenzy that started in April.
I really love October, the only "O" month; it lends such a lovely curve to the year. The morning and evening chill, closing the bright day in damp brackets, are welcome, begging for a few extra minutes in bed, or soup making at the end of the day.

The spectral presence of powdery mildew moves into the garden stealthy as fog. It surprises me every year, though it is as reliable as leaf drop.

This swelling and welted "Goosebumps" turns an orange as oval as October.